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  Our Activities
Our Activities

Free medical consulting, counseling, and vocational training: TEA offers physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy, counseling, and vocational training such as arts, pottery, and craft. TEA also offers daily living skills, IEP, and other remedial classes.

Free medical camps: The TEA society conducts free medical camps in rural areas where the poor can avail free medical help since many are not able to get proper medical check-ups due to ignorance, and also due to financial constraints. This is when many children get early intervention from the medical experts, and medical advice and help are rendered accordingly.

Aids Awareness Programme: The world today is facing a lot of problems, among them AIDS/HIV, which is one of the major concerns. By networking with other NGO awareness camps on AIDS, we have conducted AIDS awareness among youth in various places.

Educational Awareness Programme: The TEA society believes that every special-needs child or differently-abled person can learn provided that the opportunity is being given to them. Therefore, awareness programmes are conducted to help the schools to understand and admit the disabled to learn and be educated so that they will not be a parasite to society, but rather be a contributing citizen.

Home Based Education: The TEA society sends out trained teachers to those children who are bedridden or who cannot come to school because of their disability, and who does not have manpower or financial unavailability to escort them to schools. This is when the TEA teachers train them living skills, and also train the parents or helpers as well.

Teachers and parents meetings/training: Once in six months, the TEA society organizes training where experts and intellectuals on disability are conducted for the parents and the teachers. This is where triggering issues depending on the context are discussed, and how to bring a solution for the affected persons. This strengthens the parental group to approach the government for necessary help, and it also boost the morale of the affected parents.

World Disability Day: The TEA society along with other like-minded NGOs organizes World Disability Day on 3 December annually, when differently abled children from every nook and corner are brought together to showcase their talents and gifts. This is a programme which gives them a platform to make them feel special, and make them to feel that they are also human, and that there are some people who still care for them no matter what they look like.

Visiting Churches: The church has a strong hold in the Naga context, and the TEA society has this in mind when we visit churches with the differently-abled children and give testimonies. Here the message of inclusion is strongly emphasized, and also having a barrier-free structure is voiced out to help the people understand its importance.

Our Products: Over the past two years, we have been teaching our mentally-retarded children to stitch. Now that they can do it, we are making Christmas decorations to sell. Click here to see our products.

(Last updated 8 September 2013)